About fund

“ARAGIL” fund of assistance to reproductive medicine is a non-profit organization that pursues public health, charitable and other socially useful purposes, was founded on April 18th, 2011 according to the decision of the founder.

The fund is founded by public organization “Armenian Association of Reproductive Medicine”.

The purpose of the fund foundation is the assistance to the solution of demographic problems in the Republic of Armenia, the organization of reproductive medicine:

Fund activity is based on a combination of democratic, humanistic, public, national and global values, on the principles of free development of a person, autonomy and ordinary nature of education.

The fund works under aegis of the first lady of the Republic of Armenia Rita Sargsyan.

The Board of regents and the Head of Fund are the governing body of the fund.  Members of the Board of regents fulfill their duties without remuneration, on a voluntary basis.

“Aragil” fund much hopes for close cooperation with all interested people. Medical communities, pharmaceutical companies, financial structures, corporations, insurance companies and certainly government bodies have to become our full and constant partners.

Order of acceptance and evaluation of applications

Organization charter