rs What is the birth of a child? For some families this event is absolutely natural, self-evident, for others, alas, – only an unrealizable dream. The problem of infertility became so actual that in many countries it is recognized as the most acute problem. The reasons are obvious: someone consciously doesn’t want to have children owing to certain social reasons, and someone, on the contrary, improbably wants, but, alas, can’t – there are many married couples with no child for various reasons in our country. ART procedures are rather expensive and often demand several attempts …

But a small tragedy of one family turns into a global problem of the whole country. Is there any solution for this? Certainly! Fund of assistance to reproductive medicine “Aragil” is created for each married couple that has a huge desire to become parents, but can’t afford it themselves owing to certain material problems.

We seek to help people, whose desire to present to the world one more life is really infinite but they can’t afford themselves the expensive treatment, but their desire to have kids is very strong, and they fight for their happiness without losing their hope.

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